[NEW] MASTER COLLECTION (nature + beach + city) desktop & mobile

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if you are indecisive about which preset pack to get, this one has them all in one! It includes the Nature, Beach, and City presets pack, also including the sunny effect. This is definitely the most diverse collection I have ever created, so it is ideal to cover all your photography needs from all different kinds of settings, colors... either if you are spending some time at home, or want to do a quick edit of a crazy adventure to share it with the world, whatever environment it may be, this collection has got something for everything.
You can use these presets on your mobile without no subscription, or on desktop. Both versions are included in the collection!
It is a one time purchase, so you order them once, and get a life-long access to them so you can use them for as long as you want.



How many presets will I get?

230 mobile Lightroom presets

230 desktop Lightroom presets

= 460 presets in total.

That makes about 0,20$c for every filter, that is by far the best value I have in store!


Also, at the current discounted price you save almost 50% of what the packs would cost separately. I'm going to get broke just by offering this, haha! But I hope you guys will make the most of it.


What presets will I get?

You get all the presets that are included in the Nature Presets Pack, Beach Presets Pack, and City Presets Pack, including the sunny effect for each of them. I have included a few before and after photos using the presets on the corresponding product pages along with a more detailed list of what kind of presets the packs contain (multiple sunset presets, underwater preset, city at night, waterfall, mountains... and so on).


How will I get the presets? Did someone say EDITING HACKS?

After the purchase, the presets will be delivered to your email along with step by step instructions on how you can set them up, this can all be done on your phone, no need for a computer! And in the spirit of learning more and improving your photography game, I have included my top editing tips & tricks so that you can use them too! 


Should you have any more questions, please message me and I will personally get back to you on my Instagram page @andipresets :)