SALE: MASTER COLLECTION (portraits + nature + beach + city) desktop & mobile

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This collection of photography filters is for you if you want to:

  • enhance the color and light in your photos
  • without a loss of quality
  • create a consistent style
  • save time editing
  • and get my top editing tip & tricks included for free!


If the presets do not look as you wished after you tried them out on your photos, we guarantee to give you a full refund!


The presets will be sent to your e-mail immediately after purchase, including a step by step, easy to follow guide on how to start using them. Plus my top editing tips & hacks on top of the one-click presets.


It is a one time purchase, so you order them once, and get a life-long access to them so you can use them for as long as you want.


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How many presets will I get?

For mobile:

49 individual color Presets specialized on nature, beach, city, and portrait + selfie photos.

+ 9 Sunny Presets to use additionally to each color preset  (so you can choose 9 different angles from where the light should be enhanced from - or no enhancing - on top of each color filter).

This includes:

15 Nature color Presets (+ 9 Sunny Presets that can be used in combination = 150 Nature Preset variations)

14 City color Presets (140 variations)

16 Beach color Presets (160 variations)

14 Portrait + Selfie color Presets (140 variations)


For desktop:

590 desktop Lightroom presets - all of the variations


Do I need a Lightroom subscription to use the presets?

iPhone: no subscription needed at all, you can use the presets to their fullest potential from the get to. 🎉

Android: you can use the base presets without a problem, it is possible that you might need the Lightroom subscription (about 3usd per month), to use the Sunny presets addition. If you are already subscribed, it will work instantly.


Should you have any more questions, please email me and I will personally get back to you at :)