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Designed by yours truly, hand-sewn from organic fabrics in Vienna, and tested all around the world, put through multiple resistance tests to guarantee this would be the best piece to have when chasing destinations by the beach and looking the best possible in a bikini. 

I have always had a passion for design and fashion, so at the beginning of 2018, before a trip to the Caribbean, I decided to create my first bikini. During the trip the Destination Chaser Family immediately asked questions as to where this bikini was from and where you could get them. After some time I realized that the demand was so high, I decided to start this project and create several to make them available for you, but I wanted to be sure they would be the best quality, sustainable and of good value. Fast forward to today and I am beyond happy to announce that this same bikini is now available for 10 of you.

I hope you will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed creating the pieces.

With love,



P.S. Since you guys are from all around the world, I decided to gift you FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! :)