Handmade Somali Totebag

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As part of a new project to showcase the handicrafts and artwork from all different parts of the globe, I found this handmade, Somali tote bag during my travels in a shop on the side of the road in beautiful Hergeisa, Somaliland.

The main part of the bag is made out of coloured wool and a locally growing kind of straw.

The inside of the bag is of a pastel green colored local fabric.

As decoration, we enquired to add shells that stand for the coast that Somaliland and Somalia have the largest of on the entire African continent. 


True cost of 85 USD:

40 USD labor: as a handmade bag with details (shells) added on to it, the cost to the labor adds up to 40 USD.


0 USD intl. shipping: the shipping cost from Somaliland to USA is 0 as I asked my boyfriend to take it with him in his suitcase, hehe.


15 USD (estimate) 7 day shipping to your location within the US (already included in the price).


~ 30 USD team compensation: the remaining amount, roughly 30 USD, is to contribute to the compensation of our small team of one (a lovely South African lady) who is helping coordinate the project, rest of compensation is paid by me.