Handmade Coaster Set from South Sudan

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My goal is to support, empower, and give a platform to artists and small business owners, especially women, from all over the world. To help keep traditions, and open new doors of opportunities to those that need it most. 

This Coaster Set for glasses or simply decoration is made out of organic Azo grass, held together by recycled plastic and decorated with seashells, handmade by two lovely ladies named Helen and Robina, that I got to connect with in Juba, South Sudan. 




Coaster basket: 14cm / 5,5 inches wide, 6cm / 2,4 inches deep

Coasters: between 10cm / 4 inches to 12cm / 4,7 inches diameter (wide)


True cost transparency:

15 US$ coaster set compensation

25 US$ shipping (incl. taxes) from Africa to Europe and USA

Estimate of 15 US$ shipping within USA / Europe

I pay the compensation of my small team of one (a lovely South African lady) from my own pocket, and a small amount (5$ per coaster set) goes towards that compensation from this purchase. 


Thank you for supporting our initiative of connecting artwork and their artists with the world!

It is incredibly appreciated. 

With love,