Sudan group adventure, April 2-8!

Adventure with us through one of the least visited, and most incredibly underrated destinations - Sudan! No matter what you might have heard of this place, let us show you how the truth can be remarkably different - there is a reason why this is one of Andi's top 3 destination in the whole world (out of over 120 countries traveled). It is simply like no other.

Experience the country together with a group of like-minded explorers, all with one and the same mission: to authentically explore a new country, and experience something that not many other people would be open enough to add to their bucket list.

Are you ready?



A compilation of the beautiful sights you will see throughout this Sudan adventure.

Our trip is open for participants of all ages, male or female, that are adventurers at heart. Join today before spots run out. 

What's the plan? 

To transmit the feeling of adventure and spontaneity, we keep our itinerary secret and reveal our plans the day before, because we love to give good surprises. We believe good travel is about taking you on a ride instead of ticking off a list.
But don't worry, our trip will include all the best of what Sudan has to offer.

Our plan:

- We will start it with an adventure right off the bat after taking the train from Cairo all the way down south to Aswan over night,

- and then crossing the border into Sudan overland, or better said - overwater. As we will take the ferry to cross Lake Nassr to cross the border. Stamp, stamp, you're now in Sudan! Don't tell your mom. Throughout this trip we will experience things such as...

- cross the Nile on a wooden boat to visit the Temple of Amun

- learn about the history of Nubia at Old Dongola 

- see the sunset from Jebel Barkal, with the sun disappearing behind the ancient Nubian Pyramids.

- visit the tombs at El-Kurru. A true gem.

- camp under a million stars, and experience sunset and sunrise next to the incredible Meroë Pyramids! A true life highlight. and I am not exaggerating.

- venture off-road to the Temple of the Lion

- get an impression of the capital - Khartoum, and experience a Sufi Muslim celebration: the Mesmerising Dervish Dances!

Extension options: 

We are more than happy to help you arrange making the most out of your time in Sudan by organising a trip to...

- Kassala to see the incredible monolithic landscape


- go scuba diving at the red sea near Port Sudan (the coral life and ship wrecks there are truly incredible).

Picture from Kassala on my last visit

Why this trip? We are proud that our founder, Andi, has traveled all over the globe, and she always raves about how Sudan is one of her favorite places that she has ever experienced, right there at the top. The hospitality of the people, and the incredible sights ... plus, with no one else around! These are just one of a few things that make Sudan a travel destination that you should add to the top of your list.

What flights should I look for? 

Important to fly into Cairo intl. airport (CAI) and fly out of Khartoum Intl. airport (KRT)

Arrival time in Cairo: the adventure starts at noon on April 2nd. Our train south departs at 7pm.

Departure time in Khartoum: you can leave anytime on April 8th! Or travel onwards to other destinations.

TIP: Round trip tickets for long haul flights are usually more affordable than one-way tickets. To save money on the fare, you could book a round trip flight to / from Cairo, and then a one-way flight from Khartoum to Cairo, which are usually very affordably priced, as it's a common route. 


What's included in the price?

Included not included

Personal airport pickup

and dropoff

International flights

All private, acclimatized transportation - the main part of the cost

Travel insurance
Experienced, knowledgable and fun local guides
Personal expenses & tips
All accommodation on a shared basis (we believe this is an essential part for people to connect throughout the trip)
Most meals included
All entrance fees and activities



What are Egypt and Sudan's current covid requirements? 

Both countries lifted all Covid-19 travel requirements, meaning you do not need a test, nor vaccine certificate to travel.


Any more questions?

Feel free to message me @destinationchaser or email me any time :) 

Looking forward to have you experience this adventure!