Subscription Box - Handmade Goods to your Doorstep

Subscription box peek

What this box does for you:

- Have a double-giving, meaningful gift with a story for yourself, family or friends, for any occasion

- Effortlessly receive special products with a story behind them, right to your doorstep

- Connect with people around the world through their artwork, and learn about their stories


What this box does for others:



The story behind it:

For over 7 years now, I have explored the world and shared the joy of travel through handicrafts from all different corners and people of our planet. For friends, family, and now, I would like to take this to the next step:

The Double Good Deed - you'll get a box with your preferred items sent by us filled with meaningful, handmade products from artisans all over the world, every 4 months. You can pick between 4, 2, or one item and enter what you like best on the next step ✨ you can cancel the box, or change your preferences any time. 

Please keep in mind that, as all the pieces we send to you are handmade and unique, the preferences you enter are just examples to help us understand what you like and make sure what you receive will be useful to you and / or your loved ones you are gifting to. :)


With love,