Join the Algeria Adventure, 12-19 May, 2024

Embark on an adventure through the untamed wonders of Algeria, where ancient cultures of the Sahara meet breathtaking landscapes.
Experience the country together with a group of like-minded explorers, with the same mission to truly explore
new destination. 
A peek of what you will experience throughout your Algeria adventure.
Our trip is open for participants of all ages and genders, that are adventurers at heart. Join today before spots run out. 

What will you experience?

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the largest country in Africa. We’ll start with the capital of Algeria: Algiers. Here we’ll get to explore everything that this unique city has to offer: from botanical gardens to one of the least-visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world - Kasbah. 

- Exploration Algiers old town
- Hidden viewpoints 
- Algerian's favourite foods

Venture into the Sahara of Algeria, one of the most stunning regions of this mighty desert you can find. You will explore a real oasis, the local way of life with the nomads that call it home, and enjoy the scnery: Here we’ll be guided by the legendary Tuareg. These are the original desert people. Their unique language and way of living is some of the most unique and well-preserved in the Sahara. We’ll visit historical sights with engravings that are over 7000 years old! In the evening, we’ll be sleeping beneath millions of stars, nestled in a tent, bonding over a bonfire, and perhaps even learning how to cook bread in a sand oven.

- Guided by the legendary Tuareg

- Camping in stunning desert landscapes for 3 days 

- Exploring a real Oasis

- Seeing 7000 year-old cave paintings 

- Learning about the original way of life of the Sahara


Constantine is one of the oldest cities in Africa, and it spans bridges that connect the city across the deep cliffs that make up its scenery. We will also indulge in the breathtaking views atop the hill and the Emir Abdelkader Mosque. To end our trip, we’ll be visiting the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site, Timgad. Unveil the ancient ruins of what it still referred to as the "Pompeii of Africa".


Are you up for this adventure? Join us!

Why choose Destination Chaser? 

Bringing the world closer, one adventure at a time! At Destination Chaser we combine unforgettable adventures for the traveler, with giving back to the communities that we are fortunate enough to be hosted by. We focus on:

Ecotourism: through sustainable practices revolving around culture and nature, to help make it financially sustainable to preserve the two for communities.

Supporting small local businesses: our trips are always comprised of locals putting their passion to work, and us supporting part of their dream through our visit. 

Dispersing tourism: over-tourism has become a problem in many places, and we believe if people simply traveled more to lesser visited places (what we focus on!), everyone would benefit: more opportunities where they normally lack tourism, travelers getting better experiences off the beaten path, and not adding to the crowds of over-popular places. 

Bringing the world closer: We believe that over time, if more people traveled to places and interacted with cultures that are oftentimes misunderstood or misrepresented, the world would become a more peaceful place. We want you to go on a trip others would not consider, and spread the word about the beauty of people and places - and open more minds to how similar we are as humans. 

Thank you for being part of this movement! 

What flights should I look for? 

Flying in & out of Algier intl. Airport (ALG).

Arrival: anytime on the 12th of May.

Departure: anytime on the 19th of May.

If flight schedules should not align, and you want help arranging an extra hotel night and airport transfer on different dates - just let us know, we're happy to help :) 


What about the visa for Algeria? 


- We will spare you the hassle and arrange a visa upon arrival in Algeria!


Meet your team:

How does the payment work? 

To secure your spot, you can pay a deposit by credit or debit card of 20% of the trip price, which is non-refundable, as it is to secure services on ground that have their own cancellation policies and are funds we do not keep - but we will always try out best to refund whatever possible, as we understand sometimes plans can change and things happen!

3 months before the start of the trip we will send you another payment link for 40%, and for the remainder, we will send another payment link two months in advance - this is so you have more flexibility with covering the cost and don't need to pay everything at once. Let us know if you need a payment plan, we are happy to help!

BONUS: if you have a points program you can collect points from our trips as we are under the “travel” category!

Other payment options such as PayPal, or bank transfer, are available too if you prefer.

What's included in the price?

Included not included
Personal airport pickup & drop off Intl. flight to & from Aligers intl. airport


All internal private transportation with AC
Travel insurance (9-40$)

Some of the meals

Algerian visa cost (depends on nationality)
An experienced, knowledgeable and fun tour guide
Personal expenses & tips
All accommodation on a shared basis (we believe this is an essential part for people to connect throughout the trip)
Majority of meals, to allow for flexibility
All entrance fees and activities
National Park and conservation fees


Domestic flights

What are Algeria's current covid requirements? 

- Algeria has lifted all Covid-19 related travel requirements, so you will not need a test, nor vaccine to enter.



 Feel free to message me @destinationchaser or email me any time :) 


Looking forward to have you experience this adventure!