Brazil Group Adventure, June 2025

Experience a diverse mix of regions of the largest country in South America, and visit its hidden gems:


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What will you experience?

The core 8-day Secret Brazil Adventure is comprised of two main experiences:

1) Remote Jungles with Crystal Blue Springs & sand dunes

Day 1: Arrival in  Brasilia as our meeting / stopover point, and the first time meeting your new adventure family! Cities are always a good way to crash-course your way into a new destination, but now it’s time to go deeper into the depths of Brazil, the same evening we take a domestic flight to the side that many visitors never get to see:

Day 2-4: We’re headed to the gateway to the amazing Tocantins state. We’ll swim in the natural, crystal clear blue natural pools surrounded by tropical banana and palm trees called “Fervedouros”, climb sand dunes, and visit a Quilombola community. That includes seeing their golden grass handicrafts – their pride! And we would be missing out on this region if we didn’t do some waterfall chasing at the Cachoeira da Formiga, and swimming in the Bernstein colored fresh water rivers to cool down from the Brazilian sun. 

You will also get to try the less processed, closer to the roots version of the Brazilian superfood export: açaí!

— experience tropical fresh water natural pools surrounded by banana & palm trees “Fervedouros”

— climb dunes and cross rivers 

— chase waterfalls, swim in crystal clear rivers 

— try local açaí right at the source


2) Living with Indigenous People in the Amazon

Day 5-8: This is the part of the trip where we finally step deep into the Amazon rainforest. We will be meeting the Shanenawa people to learn more about what life is like in this part of the world. Jungle walks, body painting and engaging in handicraft workshops will allow us to feel as if we were part of their community too.

What I love most about this particular community, is that they’re run by women – they’re entrepreneurs, keepers of their culture, and total badasses. You will also have a translator with you to be able to communicate with them well, and ask any questions about their culture - and in return, them about yours.

For 3 days, we’ll be fully immersed in the Amazon - learning about their traditions, art and what makes their way of living so unique and in harmony with nature. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to meet and interact with people who have been part of one of the most diverse ecosystems in the planet for generations. 

— meeting the Shanenawa people of Brazilian Amazon, in the remote state of Acre

— workshops for bead making 

— walks in the forest to collect herbs and learn about their special connection to nature 

— body painting in a traditional way 

— translator for fluent communication 


Extension options:

White Sand Oasis: June 9-12

The very north of Brazil hides a paradise that most people outside of Brazil have still never seen or heard of: a vast landscape of bright, white sand dunes, that only during this time of the year fill with clear fresh water after the rainy season - the perfect playground for adventure! We'll go on a jeep tour around the dunes to visit the natural pools, and as an optional activity you can take a scenic flight to see this landscape from above, among other experiences. 

Experience Rio: June 12-15

Spend the last few days exploring one of the most vibrant and famous cities in the world: Rio de Janeiro. We’ll be driving right into the favela culture, doing some climbing for the best views of the city, and for those seeking even more adrenaline: there is an optional helicopter ride. 


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Why choose Destination Chaser? 

Bringing the world closer, one adventure at a time! At Destination Chaser we combine unforgettable adventures for the traveler, with giving back to the communities that we are fortunate enough to be hosted by. We focus on:

Ecotourism: through sustainable practices revolving around culture and nature, to help make it financially sustainable to preserve the two for communities.

Supporting small local businesses: our trips are always comprised of locals putting their passion to work, and us supporting part of their dream through our visit. 

Dispersing tourism: over-tourism has become a problem in many places, and we believe if people simply traveled more to lesser visited places (what we focus on!), everyone would benefit: more opportunities where they normally lack tourism, travelers getting better experiences off the beaten path, and not adding to the crowds of over-popular places. 

Bringing the world closer: We believe that over time, if more people traveled to places and interacted with cultures that are oftentimes misunderstood or misrepresented, the world would become a more peaceful place. We want you to go on a trip others would not consider, and spread the word about the beauty of people and places - and open more minds to how similar we are as humans. 

Thank you for being part of this movement! 

What flights should I look for? 

  • Flying into Brasilia intl. Airport (airport code: BSB).

Start: morning 1st of June 2024, into Brasilia. We start our plans in the early afternoon, so we recommend you arrive in the early hours of June 1st, or before that, to leave a buffer. 


  • Without any adventure extensions: June 8, Rio Branco Airport (RBR). In the evening (8pm or later).
  • If joining White Sands Oasis extension: June 12, Sao Luiz Airport (SLZ). In the evening (8pm or later). 
  • If joining Rio de Janeiro extension: June 15, Rio de Janeiro airport (GIG). In the evening (8pm or later)

If flight schedules should not align, and you want help arranging an extra hotel night and airport transfer on different dates - just let us know, we're happy to help :) 


How does the payment work? 

To secure your spot, you can pay a deposit by credit or debit card of 20% of the trip price, which is non-refundable, as it is to secure services on ground that have their own cancellation policies and are funds we do not keep - but we will always try out best to refund whatever possible, as we understand sometimes plans can change and things happen!

3 months before the start of the trip we will send you another payment link for 40%, and for the remainder, we will send another payment link two months in advance - this is so you have more flexibility with covering the cost and don't need to pay everything at once. Let us know if you need a payment plan, we are happy to help!

BONUS: if you have a points program you can collect points from our trips as we are under the “travel” category!

Other payment options such as PayPal, or bank transfer, are available too if you prefer.

What's included in the price?

Included Not included
Personal airport pickup & drop off international flights for start & end of trip


All internal private transportation with AC 
Travel insurance (9-40$)

Some meals to allow for flexibility

Personal expenses & tips
Experienced, knowledgeable and fun tour guide Majority of meals for flexibility and freedom of food choice
All accommodation on a shared basis (we believe this is an essential part for people to connect throughout the trip)
Optional activities listed, but not limited to the optional items above
All entrance fees and activities mentioned as included
National Park and conservation fees


Domestic flights within Brazil to get to next trip segment

Any questions?

 Feel free to message me @destinationchaser or email me any time :) 


Looking forward to have you experience this adventure!