Handmade Bracelet from Ethiopia

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A piece of tradition from the Omo Valley, handmade in Ethiopia to accompany you as a piece of jewelry on your wrist.


The story behind the bracelets:

When I got invited to meet the people of the Hamer Tribe, I knew I wanted to share some of their traditions and culture beyond the limits of a screen on Instagram. I wasn’t sure how, but the idea was there.

While sitting with the people, watching the sun go down, I connected with one specific lady mostly over smiles and hand gestures. With the help of our translator, a local Hamer guy who had learned English, she introduced me to her home, family, and food that she was cooking in her modest hut. I was curious to ask if she had any artwork, and she excitedly responded with a yes!

Hamer generally love to create art and jewelry to adorn themselves and other members of their tribe, so she seemed excited to show her talent to someone who had come from far away.

The sun had already set, so she took me to the fire place in the center of the village so I could see her work better. And that’s when I saw these bracelets: black and blue beads, watermelon seeds, and hand carved wood. They were beautiful! I asked her how many I could have and she wanted me to take all of them, so here are some for you! 😊



One size, adjustable to fit all. Length: 24cm / 9,5 inches. Can vary from bracelet to bracelet.


True cost transparency:

8 US$ bracelet compensation

15,25 US$ shipping (incl. taxes) from Africa to Europe and USA

Estimate of 12 US$ shipping within USA / Europe

I pay the compensation of my small team of one (a lovely South African lady) from my own pocket, and a small amount (4$ per bracelet) goes towards that compensation from this purchase. 


Thank you for supporting our initiative of connecting artwork and their artists with the world!

It is incredibly appreciated.