Socotra Group Adventures

Adventure with us through one of the most remote and beautiful places in the world - Socotra!

Experience the country together with a group of like-minded explorers, all with one and the same mission: to authentically explore a new country, and experience something that not many other people would be open enough to add to their bucket list.

Are you ready?

Our Departures:

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A compilation of the beautiful sights you will see throughout your Socotra adventure.

Our trip is open for participants between of all ages and gender, that are adventurers at heart. Join today before spots run out. 

What's the plan? 


Experience the ultimate camping trip, by each night falls, you will retire to your camping setup under a starry sky, enveloped by the tranquility and raw beauty of Socotra's untouched wilderness. Each campsite has a shower and toilet - but please use water sparingly. 

Immerse yourself in the marine world of Dihami bay as you float and snorkel through the crystal-clear waters, discovering an abundance of vibrant sea life, against the white sand beaches. 

Lose yourself in a sea of colossal sand dunes that stretch endlessly before you, as you marvel at Hayf, Arher and Zahek - where the sand dunes meet the sea, that will ignite your sense of awe.

- As you wander through the Firmhin protected area, you will find one of the most unique views our planet has to offer: a forest of Dragon Blood Trees as far as the eye can reach - something that only exists in this area of Socotra.


- See different vantage points on the off the beaten path through small hikes around the island (each around 1h in length, and about 4 throughout the trip), to take you to places like Wadi Kalisan: turquoise natural fresh water pools tucked inside a valley of Socotra's South. 

Prepare to be transported to another world as you delve into the depths of the Hoq Cave, a hidden gem full of wonder and awe-inspiring natural formations that will leave you breathless.

This Is Attractive to See Hoq Cave on Socotra Island - 2SOCOTRA
Experience the ultimate natural wonder at Diksam Plateau and gorge, where you will be entranced by the breathtaking limestone landscape dotted with countless bottle trees, a sight that will leave you feeling humbled and inspired.

Indulge in a moment of pure bliss as you sip on tea with the nomadic bedouin herdsmen, a rare opportunity to connect with the locals and immerse yourself in their rich cultural traditions that are still preserved on Socotra - but who knows for how much longer these will be preserved. 

Meet Ellay: the "cave man" of Socotra, and learn about his way of life as he shows you around his home, the cave, and the lagoon where he sustainably collects his food on a daily basis. Then you will be able to sit down with him and share a meal. 

Sail off into the shimmering waters of Shuaab beach where you have the chance to spot (and perhaps even swim!) with playful dolphins as they leap and frolic alongside your boat, before taking a dip in the pristine and pure sands of a long, inviting Shuaab beach.


Why choose Destination Chaser? 

At Destination Chaser we combine unforgettable adventures for the traveler, with giving back to the communities that we are fortunate enough to be hosted by. This Rwanda trip is one of our favorite combinations, with the most of the profit going towards conservation of wildlife, and supporting local communities. Thank you for being part of this movement! 

Meet your team:

What flights should I book?

As the flights to & from Socotra from an international airport are only scheduled once per week, this is where the logistics become a bit challenging - but we, as Destination Chasers, we like a challenge!


Flying in & out of Abu Dhabi intl. Airport (AUH), and then into & out of Socotra intl. airport. 

However, we advise you to wait until 2 months before the start of the trip to book your flight tickets.

🛫 Arrival and departure in Abu Dhabi: 

October: Monday, Oct. 23rd (or earlier) | Wednesday, Nov. 1st.

January: Monday, Jan. 1st (or earlier) | Wednesday, Jan 10th.

March: Monday, March 18th (or earlier) | Wednesday, March 27th (or later). 

Abu Dhabi to Socotra flights can not be booked or found online. They depart and return every Tuesday, however...

We can arrange the flights Abu Dhabi - Socotra and back for you - the cost is approx. 890 US$ (both ways). Alternatively, we can give you instructions on how to book it yourself. 

Please make sure you leave plenty of time as a safety cushion! With the flight being only once a week, there is no other way or backup to get you on the island if your flight to Abu Dhabi gets delayed or canceled.. 


If you want help booking this portion of the journey - let us know! It can not be booked online, so if you want the instructions on how you can book it yourself, we will gladly send you the information. :) 


What about the visa for Yemen?

So save you the hassle of finding (one of a few) embassies worldwide, and save you travel time to go back and forth to an embassy, we take care of the whole application process for you and we will arrange a visa on arrival, that way you can board the plane and receive and pay (around 125$) for the visa once you arrive on Socotra - easy peasy.

What will accommodation be like? Will showers be available? 

I think everyone will agree that one of the main charms of Socotra is its incredible nature - and the best way to experience that, is by camping in some of its most unique environments (responsibly, of course). Imagine waking up next to a mountainous landscape with blooming bottle trees and a rare Dragon Blood tree over your tent - that's exactly what you will experience. This also helps to avoid incentivise hotel development projects that harm the unspoiled nature of the island. 

⛺️That's why, we plan our trip to be 7 nights of camping, each campsite has a shower and toilet. We require you to bring eco-friendly products only to help preserve the island's nature.

🏨 You do have the option to stay in a hotel two nights out of the trip (once being prized roughly at 30$, and another hotel at 100$). However we discourage this unless it is necessary.

👚 clothing: we advise to bring enough for the 8 days duration of the trip, as cleaning options might not be available. 


What you can expect from the amazing campsites during your island stay.

How does the payment work? 

To secure your spot, you can pay a deposit of only 300 USD.
3 months before the start of the trip 1,035 USD, and two months before the same again - this is so you have more flexibility with covering the cost and don't need to pay everything at once. Let us know if you need a payment plan, we are happy to help!


What's included in the price?

Included Not included
Personal airport pickup & drop-off Visa fees (approx. 125 USD)

All internal Private transportation with 4*4 land cruisers

International flights to and from Socotra

Experienced, knowledgable and fun local guides

Travel insurance (9-40$)
Experienced, knowledgable and fun local guides
Personal expenses & tips
All camping gear and equipment

All meals included
All entrance fees and activities
All needed permits


What are Socotra's current covid requirements? 

It has lifted all Covid-19 travel requirements, meaning you do not need a test, nor vaccine certificate to travel into or around the island.


Any more questions?

Feel free to message me @destinationchaser or email me any time :) 

Looking forward to have you experience this adventure!