Kyrgyzstan adventure 17-22 September

Adventure with us on the rugged beauty of Kyrgyzstan, where adventure awaits at every turn amidst stunning natural landscapes and ancient traditions, with a group of like-minded explorers, all with one and the same mission: truly explore.

Can also be combined with our Uzbekistan Group Adventure!


What will we experience? 


Embark on an unforgettable adventure to Chong Kemin National Park, a stunning natural zone spanning fifty kilometers along the picturesque Chong Kemin River valley. Here, you'll discover an array of rare and exotic flora and fauna, including glaciers along with forested areas and vast steppe landscapes

Experience the time-honored tradition of the Eagle hunters of Kyrgyzstan. You will get to witness first hand their skill and synchronicity between human and animal - a form of hunting that they have practiced for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Us showing interest in the form of tourism is what helps keep this side of their heritage and traditions alive. 


Take the scenic route to Ysyk-Kol, a mesmerizing high mountain lake and the second largest lake in the world after Titicaca in the Andes. Believed to be the "hot lake" in Kyrgyz due to its never-freezing waters. Now, "hot" might be a stretch, but you will get to test that yourself with a dip!

Go on a wild-camping trip (2 days, 1 night) to one of the most scenic routes in Kyrgyzstan and be swept away by the magic of the serene natural surroundings at Ala-Kul lake.

P.S. Kyrgyzstan is one of a few countries left on earth where wild camping is legally allowed. Use it while you still can! 


These are just a few of the highlights on our trip, but the journey itself is an adventure: on your journey back to Bishkek, you will be passing through the captivating city of Cholpon-Ata - the very same location where the World Nomad Games were held.



Can be combined with our

Uzbekistan Group Adventure

Why this trip? 

At Destination Chaser we combine unforgettable adventures for the traveler, with giving back to the communities that we are fortunate enough to be hosted by. This Kyrgyzstan trip is no different - a combination of sustainable culture tourism by helping keep traditions alive, and eco tourism as we wild camp in the mountain, leaving no trace behind. Thank you for being part of this movement!

What flights should I book? 


Flying in & out of Manas intl. Airport (FRU)

🛬 Arrival: in the morning of the 17th of September, as we will start exploring the same day. You are welcome to arrive earlier if you wish - we are happy to arrange extra accommodation! 
🛫 Departure: the night of the 22nd of September - 10pm or later.

If flight schedules should not align for you, we will be happy to arrange extra hotel nights & airport transfers wherever needed :) 


What about the visa? 

No visa required for EU and US citizens traveling Kyrgyzstan!

How does the payment work? 

To secure your spot, you can pay a deposit of 20% of the trip amount. 
3 months before, 40% of the trip balance, and two months before, the remaining 40%. This is so you have more flexibility with covering the cost and don't need to pay everything at once. Let us know if you need a payment plan, we are happy to help!

BONUS: if you have a points program you can collect points from our trips as we are under the “travel” category!

Other payment options are available too if you prefer - such as bank transfer and PayPal.


What's included in the price?

Included not included
Personal airport pickup & drop off Intl. flight to & from Manas intl. airport

 All internal private transportation with (AC) 

Travel insurance (9-40$)

All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Visa fees (50 USD)
Experienced, knowledgable and fun local guides 
Personal expenses & tips
All accommodation on a shared basis of 2 people (we believe this is an essential part for people to connect throughout the trip) Extra accommodation nights
All entrance fees and activities Horse riding avg (30 USD)
National Park and conservation fees
Fees of permits and authorisations 

What are Kyrgyzstan's current Covid requirements? 

Kyrgyzstan has lifted all Covid-19 travel requirements, meaning you do not need a test, nor vaccine certificate to travel into or around the country.


Any burning questions?

 Feel free to message me @destinationchaser or email me any time :) 

Looking forward to have you experience this adventure!