Join your new Travel Community in Guatemala! This April 2023

Welcome to your new travel community! If you have been looking to travel again and create friendships with like-minded people for the same love for exploration and adventure – this is for you!

After our successful trip last year, we want to offer this experience one more time (and perhaps, the last). Where we give a few lucky people the opportunity to join this experience  of community building, embracing team work through challenging environments, all while exploring a new place and creating memories of a lifetime. 

6 days volcanoes and lakes:

Antigua town

You’ll be transferred from the airport straight to the quaint town of Antigua, where myself, your host, will welcome you with a surprise. You’ll meet the group and get to know each other and connect for the first time.

Over the next days you’ll have multiple immersive options to meet locals and get to know more about what truly makes this country - their crafts, culture, and the rural side of it.

Bu that’s just the warm up for what’s to come…


Climbing a volcano

One of the most memorable experiences of my life, hands down, was climbing Acatenango volcano and staying the night watching Fuego volcanos (literally translates to fire) in the distance. Heck, we were witnesses of the raw act of creation of our planet. It was absolutely incredible. Seeing the sun rising over the valley and having the scene come to light, was one of the most magical memories I can recall..

A visit to Guatemala just simply isn’t complete without this experience.

Re: keeping us safe: same as last time, we will go with the only provider that uses solid accommodation instead of small tents when camping for the night - not only does this make your sleeping experience better, it also keeps us safe in the unlikely event of a larger eruption. 


Relaxing by Central America's deepest lake - Atitlán

After all this action, it’s time to wind down and relax at Lago Atitlán, one of the most important places to see while in Guate.

We’re renting multiple eco houses with pools close to the lake to recover from the hike and socialise with our new travel family.

Additionally we will also get to explore the towns around the lake and its vibrant culture.


Off the beaten path trip: 6 days into the jungles of Guatemala 

6-11 April

Ancient Maya civilisation - exploring Tikal

We will take a trip to the opposite side of the country and fully get to see their diversity in the depths of the jungle, and explore the ancient Mayan city of Tikal - the largest urban centre in the southern Maya lowlands at the time. We will learn about its history and explore hidden nooks and corners of the extensive city that spreads over miles and miles through the dense forests.

The chocolate lands of rural Guatemala - Semuc Champey

Personally, I feel that this is where the real Guatemala comes out. You see people living their every day lives in the rural areas, still repping their traditional clothes, and living like in the old days. You’ll see fields and fields of chocolate trees. Don’t believe me? See it for yourself.

While here, you will explore the hidden gem of a Semuc Champey - a set of natural, blue cascades that stretch through a mountain valley. You’ll get to hike up to the viewpoint overlooking it all, and swim in the natural pools too!

Most people don’t make it here because of its remoteness, but to me, that’s exactly what makes it worth it. That “off the beaten path” experience. Come join!


Now, this sounds awesome - what do I need to be part of this?

A kind, open mind willing to get out of your comfort zone, learn more, and make new connections.

You can apply through this link and we will get back to you over the next few days:


What’s included, and what’s not?

Included not included
 all transportation in Guatemala including airport transfers
Intl. flight to & from Guatemala City
Local guides
Travel insurance
All accommodation, shared basis
Most lunches and dinners
All breakfasts and some other meals
Personal expenses & tips
All entrance fees and activities on itinerary


What flights should I look for? 

Flights arriving anytime on the 1st of April in Guatemala City (GUA).

Departure for 6-day Volcanoes and Lakes trip is on the 6th in the afternoon, also from Guatemala city intl. Airport (GUA)

For the the full trip, including the Jungle extension, departing in the afternoon or evening of the 11th of April, also from GUA airport.


What are Guatemala's current covid requirements?

Guatemala lifted all Covid-19 requirements, meaning you do not need to be vaccinated, nor get tested to travel to Guatemala.

Any more questions?

You can reach out to us anytime at, or on Instagram at @destinationchaser!


Looking forward to having you experience this Adventure!